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Camper Application

Day Camp Registration

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  • Camper must be transported to and from camp by an adult.
  • If camper disobeys rules, parents will be notified and asked to pick up child from camp.
  • Camper will be expected to participate in all activities unless physically limited in some way.
  • Bathing suits should be one-piece suits that are appropriate for a Bible camp.
  • Campers with suits not considered appropriate by our director will not be allowed to swim
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Overnight Adventure Registration

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Parent / Guardian Information

Medical Details

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Any history of troubles with heart, lungs, ears, skin, tonsils, asthma, hernia, hey fever, sinus, appendix, epilepsy, convulsions or any other serious medial issue? *
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Insurance Information

Guidelines and Consent

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Camp Guidelines
  • Camper must attend all meetings.
  • All prescription and non-prescription medications will be given to the camp nurse for safe keeping and dispensing during the camper’s stay.
  • Camper and Parent/Guardian will be responsible financially for any malicious damage done to the camp property.
  • Any violation of these camp rules or conduct that is disruptive to the camp program or others in attendance may result in the expulsion of the camper without refund.
Photo Release

During the week of camp we take some really great photos. We would love to have your permission to use the photos we take to post on our website, Facebook page, to use in next year's registration form, or to save on a CD to give out to each camper from that week.

Photo Release *



Teen and Junior week registration is $125 for the first child and $110 for each additional child.

If you are registering multiple children please pay by check.

Please make checks out to...

Marsh View Bible Camp
PO Box 344
Midway, GA 31320

You will be redirected to PayPal.