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Camp is a place to make memories that will last a lifetime! Many of our campers are second generation campers. Their parent(s) loved camp so much now they are sending their kids to camp. Throughout all of our camps the focus is the Lord Jesus Christ. There are daily, age-appropriate Bible lessons. Each camper is assigned a group/cabin. This group/cabin has 1-2 counselors. Each day there are a variety of activities that could include: fishing, swimming, hand crafts, rifelry, archery, canoeing/kayaking, team sports, scavenger hunts, and much more. Throughout the week campers make lasting bonds with fellow campers while growing closer to God. Take a look at which camp would be the best fit for your camper.



Day Camp


Ages 6-12

Day Camp is Monday-Friday 9AM-1:30PM. This a great introduction to what camp is like. It has almost all the enjoyment of the overnight camps squeezed into half-day doses. Campers will be placed in groups based on age/gender and assigned a counselor. Each day the campers will hear a bible lesson, go swimming, complete an activity, memorize Bible verses, and enjoy a small lunch.

Junior Camp


Ages 8-12

Junior Camp has everything included in Day Camp but with the added benefit of a little extra of everything. Campers will be assigned a cabin based on age/gender. Cabins hold 10-12 campers. They will have two counselors. Campers spend the majority of their day with their cabin mates. They will visit different activities, interact during cabin devotions, and just enjoy camp together. This helps to create bonds that will last a lifetime. During free time and games campers are able to spend time with campers in other cabins. The primary focus of the week is encouraging campers to know more about Jesus Christ and establish and grow in their relationship with Him.

Teen Camp


Ages 13-18

At it’s core Teen Camp is just like the other weeks of camp. We want campers to come to the realization that they need a Savior and then to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. This week is a little more laid back. Campers are placed in a cabin based on age/gender. They are assigned two counselors. Throughout the week cabin mates spend time together during cabin devotions/cabin time. This helps to build relationships with each other while also spending time together studying God’s Word, the Bible. Campers are given more time to interact with other campers instead of just their fellow cabin mates. They are placed into teams and travel throughout the day with their teammates to complete a variety of activities and games.



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